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Milestone Session – Naomi Rose

June 4, 2024

Documenting a milestone session every three months in the first year shows a tremendous amount of growth. It is fun to see all the little changes that happen so fast! When you book a milestone session you receive professional photos of your baby and will cherish them forever. After one year, it is still good to book a milestone session every

Naomi Rose 

We started Naomi’s milestone session from maternity. Brooke and Teddy, Naomi’s parents, wanted to make sure we documented all of her important milestones from the start. She is now two and a half and we are still capturing all the important moments! It has been such a blessing and incredibly fun to follow Naomi’s growth. I feel grateful to be a part of her life in all these little ways. 

Most of Naomi’s sessions have been taken at Studio House AZ in downtown Phoenix. We love this studio because it has several rooms to choose from and it is close to their home. Naomi’s mom also likes studio sessions because we have choices on the times. When on a schedule, it is easier to book a studio any time of day depending on nap time, meal time, work schedules, and weather. 

In Arizona, weather and lighting play a factor in scheduling sessions. Sometimes it can be hot and lighting can be harsh, so scheduling an outdoor session really has two ideal times: early in the morning or before sunset. This can be hard when a baby or toddler is on a strict schedule. With a studio, we can schedule any time of day and get good lighting and temperature. This is why I love studios for milestone sessions with little ones. 

Maternity Milestone Session 

Studio Session at The Atrium at Studio House AZ

This maternity milestone session was so special! This is a first baby which brings so many feelings to new parents. Mom had two outfit changes and both were beautiful. She was glowing in all the ways new moms glow. Whether you plan to share your maternity pictures or keep them for just yourself and close family, I love having these special moments of parents before the little one is born. 

Newborn Milestone Session 

In-home lifestyle session 

Naomi’s newborn milestone session was done in the comfort of her home. There is something special about a new nursery. Most people spend time putting their nursery together, and often there are special gifts or even furniture like a handmade changing table that make the nursery a place where we want to get some of the first pictures you’ll take as a family. 

For Naomi, we were able to take our time since we were in their own home. Sometimes during newborn sessions, moms need to stop and feed the baby or change the baby, and that’s okay! When we are at home we don’t have to stick to a time limit and it is less stressful. We also were able to include Mason, their pup who is always protecting her. I love doing sessions at home with newborns because it makes it more comfortable for you and the baby. 

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Three Months Milestone Session

In-home lifestyle session 

Since Naomi was still so little, it was best to do her three month milestone session at home again. This session was so fun. Naomi was smiling and laughing and Mason was loving her! 

Her mom loves having the three month pictures because there is already such a difference from the newborn pictures. In the three month pictures, you can already start to see her personality come through. That’s one of the reasons I love milestone session – we really get to see their little life unfold in pictures. 

Six Months Milestone Session 

Studio Session at The Seasons Room Studio House AZ

This was one of my favorite milestone sessions! The seasons room was rainbow themed and it was perfect for a six month session. Naomi was having so much fun and you can tell from the pictures. She laughed the whole time. My face was hurting from smiling so much! We rented the studio for an hour which is plenty of time at this age. 

Nine Months Milestone Session 

In-home lifestyle session

Naomi was nine months in August. Her cousins were having their one year party so we decided to get a few snapshots during this time since August is so hot! It worked out perfectly. 

One Year Milestone Session 

Studio Session at The Atrium at Studio House AZ & One Year Birthday Party

We took Naomi’s One Year milestone session in the Atrium at Studio House AZ. This was such a fun session. Naomi started walking and just wanted to be free. Since we were in a safe space in the studio, she was able to walk around and explore. There was a big mirror, which she loved! She also loved her mom’s sunglasses. We got to get a few good family pictures with mom and dad, too.  

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Eighteen Months Milestone Session 

Studio Session at The Seasons Room at Studio House AZ

Oh this session was the best!! The seasons room was decorated with florals and mirrors and Naomi loved it! She was really becoming independent at this stage and wanted to explore on her own. She has found her favorite stuffed animal, too! He will make an appearance at her next few sessions. Naomi loved both chairs in the room, too. We got to get pictures in all the different spots set up in the studio.

The one with her looking back in the mirror is my favorite. I love letting little ones explore and be free in these sessions because it really lets me capture these precious little candid moments that will be so special for you. 

Two Year Milestone Session 

Studio Session at The Seasons Room at Studio House AZ 

Since Naomi’s birthday is in November, the studio was decorated for Christmas. It worked out perfectly since the holidays were around the corner because her parents could use these for Christmas cards. 

The room was so pretty and Naomi’s pink dress pops with all the green! Mom and dad look great, too. Naomi was really into jumping at this point so we were able to get a few jumping pictures. Her Bear Bear also made an appearance. He is definitely part of the family now. Don’t worry we did get Mason in a family picture outside after the session! 

Two and a Half Year Session

Studio Session at The Loft at Studio House AZ 

Naomi is singing and dancing now! This made her two and a half year session magical. We put some music on and let her do her thing. I was smiling and laughing the whole time. 

At this point our sessions are a little shorter because she is a toddler and toddlers want to have their own agenda. And that is perfectly okay. We can get a lot of pictures in 20 minutes! Her mom brought snacks, some of Naomi’s favorite toys, and had music ready on her phone to keep Naomi happy and engaged for the session. Being accommodating to toddlers at this age is one of the best ways to ensure we get great pictures. 

Before we know it, I will be taking pictures of Naomi’s high school graduation! I love that I have been able to give her family amazing pictures that capture her cute personality and zest for life. 

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