As a former, special education teacher, I understand how having a child with a disability or special needs can present some challenges. I understand disabilities and special needs are not always physical or can not always be seen.

As a photographer, I have realized that people with disabilities are underrepresented in the photography world and the world in general. I am passionate about disability inclusion and I believe it is important to share your story and represent your family as your true selves. You deserve to have family photos. You deserve to feel comfortable. You deserve to 
feel confident.

Special Needs & Accommodations

Special Needs Photographer

No time limit - sometimes kids need to play and get to know me a bit or they need breaks - our sessions may be short or they could be a little longer - it really depends on how everyone is doing

Wheel chair access - we will pick locations that fit 
your needs

Sensory needs such as lighting, temperature, certain clothing, fidgets are essential for making your child feel comfortable

Talking out what a session will look like before hand

Prepping your child for a change - video calls or a recorded video of myself can help your child know who I am

Certain words that help with giving direction or certain words to avoid

Anything else a parent or guardian can share 
is important

What accommodations can look like…

—Zoey, Special Education Teacher

Kendra is absolutely incredible. I have been using Kendra for 5 years - she started doing my special education students graduation photos. We became lifelong friends and now captures all of my baby girls milestones! She is so patient, kind and detail oriented. She is one of a kind. I will definitely be using her for all of my future photography needs!!”

—Jenna, Hygienist

"Kendra is an absolutely fantastic photographer. I have two littles and as many parents know, family photos can be dreadful. Kendra is extremely patient and ensures we get beautiful photos every single time. Personally, I’m a huge fan of mini sessions and she provides so many photos. I can’t thank her enough for capturing our family and making it a stress free experience."

—Jessica, Social Worker

"Kendra has been our photographer for years, capturing memories for our family including maternity, newborn, birthdays, family shoots and professional headshots. She finds gorgeous locations to shoot, but can even make the inside of our home look incredible when we do photos indoors! She is so kind and patient, especially with babies, toddlers and pets. She is also great with family members who may not want to have their photo taken initially!"

—Jill, Operations Manager, PD Workshops

"Kendra is a wonderful photographer. She’s basically our official extended family photographer at this point, having done birthday shoots, maternity shoots, newborn shoots, and more for both my sister and I. She’s very kind and makes you feel comfortable during her photoshoots (even if taking pictures isn’t your thing), and she’s incredibly talented—my maternity pictures in particular (taken at sunrise in the desert) are so dreamy."


"Kendra is the best there is. She's done my engagement photos, wedding, maternity, and newborn photos for me and I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else. She’s great at capturing moments without trying and forcing poses. Her edits are always perfect and she is so kind and amazing!"

—Kayla, English Teacher

"Kendra has always captured our most important moments from the first year that my husband and I dated almost a decade ago to our most recent family pictures with our now two year old. It's been really fun to have someone that's become an important part of our family's journey. She was even one of our witnesses when we eloped and didn't tell anyone!"


Reviews from Clients

Prepare your child for something new or a change if they have difficulty with the unfamiliar.

Embrace the candid moments. It’s okay if everyone is not always looking at the camera. The candid and in the moment pictures are the best pictures. You will love them I promise.

Relax and go with the flow - we are here to have fun and make memories for you and your family

Share any information that will help me create a comfortable environment and session for you and your family

What You Can Do…

create with kendra

It’s time to embrace the chaos together, enjoy those candid moments, and celebrate you and your family.